About SJC

The Maryland Summer Jazz Consortium is an intensive course of study in jazz style. The consortium is set up to accommodate the specific needs of differing age groups and instruments. In all sessions, emphasis is placed upon performance and stylistic interpretation, supplemented by theory studies, workshops, master classes, culminating in a concert on the final day.


Registration is limited by age. Students who will be entering ninth grade in the fall of 2017 are eligible for Senior Jazz. 2017 graduates and college students are encouraged to participate. Students in grades 6‐8 are eligible for Junior Jazz.


Large ensemble instrumentation uses: saxophones, trumpets, trombones, piano, bass, guitar, drum set, percussion, and vibes. Other instruments are welcome, but we reserve the right to impose limits on the number of each type of instrument used. This is necessary to provide quality instruction and a balanced ensemble. If instrument quotas are filled, registrants may be placed on a waiting list. Students unable to participate due to instrument restrictions will have all monies refunded.

Jazz Ensembles

Participants will audition for placement in one two or three ensembles. Please note that in some cases, stronger players are placed in leadership roles in less experienced ensembles. The ensembles focus upon reading and rehearsal techniques in the context of preparing for culminating concert.

Music Theory

Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Arranging: Topics include everything from music fundamentals to jazz orchestration. A first-day skills assessment determines which section best suits the experience level of each student. 

Jazz Improvisation

Group Improvisation Classes help students constructing coherent solos, melodic/harmonic source materials, listening, etc. Students will have the opportunity to use their new skills in various applications such as student combos and the large ensemble rehearsals and performance.


Sectionals: Ensemble and section playing, and instrument‐specific performance techniques.


Master Classes: Introduction to various aspects of the Jazz style. Topics for discussion include: Jazz Improvisation, Performance Practice, and Jazz Theory. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate.

Jazz Combos

Jazz combo/Small Group Techniques: Performance practice in a small jazz group, emphasizing playing, stage communication, realizing lead sheets, etc.

Music Technology

The Maryland Summer Jazz Consortium is proud to be the only summer jazz enrichment program to include a music technology component. Students learn to use audio and music software and hardware to create and produce recordings, notate music, and compose with loops. Student are able to gain an understanding of how technology is incorporated and used in music-making.